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NameTypeCertificationPaint ColorPlayerClassOwned %
HexedDecal Swiftt USBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal SICKVAPRBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal MC9Black Market1.1
HexedDecal Mr_Milo_Man Black Market1.1
HexedDecalScorer Pr0z Sh0tzBlack Market0.0
HexedDecal MartythelemmingBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal XxDriftNinjaxXBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal Its xLevelzBlack Market1.1
HexedDecalJuggler A_Bag_of_TacosBlack Market0.0
HexedDecal nham887Black Market1.1
HexedDecal xKOOKSLAMSxBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal Family_SedanBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal EmetoBlack Market1.1
HexedDecalTactician JackKnyfe 18Black Market0.0
HexedDecalTactician H4yWir3SquIR3Black Market0.0
HexedDecal H4yWir3SquIR3Black Market1.1
HexedDecal ThreeSixtyNitroBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal PoonjoBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal FaZe DankshotBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal Noob On The LooseBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal RedRiVer163Black Market1.1
HexedDecalStriker ViZe InfamousBlack Market0.1
HexedDecal themadestmonkeyBlack Market1.1
HexedDecal Victor The One5Black Market1.1
HexedDecal STAftermathBlack Market1.1